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From Stressed Out to Cashing In - Early Bird Pricing!

From Stressed Out to Cashing In - Early Bird Pricing!

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Overwhelmed. Exhausted. Ready to Give Up.

Does this sound like you? 

You know that social media could help you improve your sales, but it just seems like there's so much conflicting information that you don't know where you should start.

Rather than throw in the towel, come join me in "From Stressed Out to Cashing In" where I'll walk you through exactly how to maximize your time online to drive sales. 

In just 8 short weeks, you'll learn:

  • How to define your niche & brand
  • How to develop templates to save you time & money
  • How to effectively show up & sell on all major platforms (Facebook, Instagram, Tiktok, Pinterest, & even Youtube!)
  • How to reduce your time on social media & content creation to just one hour per day
  • I'll even teach you how to rank better on Google & build your email list!

For the first four weeks, we will review the strategies for growing your business across all platforms using the signature Epaulette method in two weekly live sessions. Then in the second four weeks, you will choose your primary platform to implement the strategies you've learned to connect with an audience that is ready to buy. We will also cover website SEO strategies & Google optimization so you can make the most of all of your new traffic.

The class starts February 13, but early bird pricing ends on January 31! Book your seat now to ramp up your sales just in time for the spring sales season!

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